Is There a Recession Coming?

Sigma's long-short, volatility-based, market-neutral strategy posts a near-zero return in August and a 2.11% three-month return.

Is There a Recession Coming?

The American stock market closed in the negative zone in August: more than (-)4% for the S&P500, and (-)5% for the NASDAQ 100, indicating the bear market has not made an exit.

As investors seek ways to minimize their risks, finding a portfolio strategy that can truly withstand negative shocks is the key to a successful investment. The long-short, volatility-based, market-neutral strategy utilized by our partnering company in asset management Sigma Global Management has posted a near-zero return in August and a 2.11% three-month return

You are welcome to learn about Sigma Global Management's work in August, the company's vision for the near future, and the performance data of its Long-Short volatility-based strategy since its launch from the link to the report below.


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