Sigma stays ahead of S&P in January 2023

 Sigma stays ahead of S&P in January 2023

While January turned out to be a pretty good month for major stock indices, the US stock market is still in a deep drawdown after a steep fall in 2022. As for our partnering company in asset management Sigma Global Management, the performance of its Long-Short volatility-based strategy in January showed a sizable headstart over the S&P 500 index year-on-year results as well as the S&P 500 results since the public launch of Sigma's strategy in August 2020. 

Will the January market rally turn into a full-blown bullish trend, how soon will the market regain its losses, and most importantly, will we see the crisis unfold into recession and witness a new wave of stock sell-offs? Get a full scoop on this from the link to Sigma's January report below.


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