Breathe Life into Uzbekistan`s Securities Market

Breathe Life into Uzbekistan`s Securities Market

The economy of Uzbekistan is in good shape due to the reforms carried out in recent years: GDP growth this year will exceed 5%, and the inflow of foreign investment has sharply increased in the country. However, the scale of trading activity in the Uzbekistan stock market is not large. Nikita Dolgiy, managing partner of Wolfline Capital shared his opinion on what stumbling points stand in the way and what needs to be done to overcome them with 

‘In order to enhance the capitalization of the Uzbek stock market and boost its trading activity, the country’s economy needs to become more diversified with a larger number of industry enterprises taking part in it, and raising financing in the open market through issuing corporate bonds”, says Dolgiy. 

Thus, at the moment, almost 90% of the entire small number (27) of corporate bond issuers are banks and insurance companies. In order to raise investors’ awareness about the possibilities of the stock exchange, foreign investment consulting companies put their expertise at the disposal of the republic capital market players. International auditing consulting firm Crowe Global, investment consulting firm Wolfline Capital, and others are currently advising retail and institutional investors on public offerings.

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